Happy Holidays!

Thank you for a great 2017

Thank you for a great 2017

I can’t believe 2017 is coming to an end. It’s been certainly been an exciting year at Relax. Here are some of the memories from Summer. We look forward to working together in the New Year.
(From top left)
Family- The kiddos are getting bigger. Both were in my sisters wedding back in April. This picture is of all of us looking dapper w them in their flower girl and ring bearer outfits. Summer was fun for them too. Francesca was old enough to be in a baby seat on my bike so we had many fun rides around Ocean City, Manasquan and Spring Lake. Look out for us in other shore towns for 2018. Christian was in his element on the boardwalks. He became a mini golf pro, mastered the Batman video game and rolled lots of 10 points in skee ball. They pretty much can write reviews from their favorite ice cream places up and down the shore.. Hoffmans, Cookman creamery, Tj’s, Hobby Horse, Springers… and like a million others.
Vacation Home – Thank you to all our guests staying in vacation homes for 2017. You all make it possible. Thank you realtors, property managers and homeowners too for trusting us with your guests. We truly appreciate your referrals.
Shop – We moved our shop back in Spring 2017 to a much larger location. We were much more efficient packing orders, loading trucks, etc. We now have a gift shop resembling one found at your favorite boutique hotel. We added lots of cool things like swan inflatables, games, coastal jewelry, roundie towels and more. The original favorites like our robes, pillows, linens and towels are also still available for purchase. You definitely have to check it out.
The Team – Would you believe this is just a part of our team?! Some day I really hope we can get everyone together for a team pic. Everyone worked super hard this summer. We had a little break and managed to hit the boardwalk for some games, pizza and go carts.
Order Assembly – Talk about working hard. From packing linen orders, to getting beach equipment ready our crew tries to make our orders nice. For Christmas in July we added some fun ducks to our orders. Thats just one of the cute touches we do!
Bed Making – Elena (pictured) was making one of the beds. I love this picture because it shows our attention to detail and how we have our guests in mind.

Thanks to our photographers Ashley and Kayla for your photo submissions!

Happy New Year! Like 180 more days till Summer…

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