New Beach Games

We added some new beach games to our Summer 2016 inventory.  Kanjam and Spikeball have become very popular on the beach.  Rent yours today for your vacation on LBI, Ocean City, Sea Isle, Avalon and Stone Harbor.

Way to go tori

We love it when our team members follow their passions and become entrepreneurs. Our gorgeous long time employee Tori recently launched her makeup business.  She’s already been booking jobs for prom season.   Best of luck Tor.  You are welcome to do my makeup anytime this summer.

Spring (Or Summer) at the Shore

Its been a beautiful week at the shore.  The weather has been in the 70’s with an occasional cool breeze off the water.  It definitely feels more like Summer than Spring.  It definitely doesn’t feel like winter!  We’ve enjoyed playing outside with our toes in the sand.  We’ve also enjoyed hearing from so many vacationers…

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Shop LBI

Check out our listing on . This is a website for Long Beach Island, NJl  which lists every Long Beach Island business and services.


The east coast has been getting slammed with snow over for about 24 hours now.  The shore has been taking a big hit from the blizzard.  The full moon combined with some very high tides has caused a great deal of flooding for homeowners and business owners.    It definitely hasn’t been a day of…

Happy Holidays!

  Happy Holidays!  We thank you for a great 2015 and look forward to working together in 2016.    Here are just a few of our favorite memories from 2015. Our Storefront – Lots of stuff happens at the office. New Offerings – We introduced super soakers to our inventory for Summer 2015.  We had…

Halloween pumpkins 

here are some great coastal Halloween pumpkin ideas. It will make you feel like you are at the beach when you may be miles and miles away.  Thanks Coastal Living!