Relax Alumni Spotlight: MVG Fitness

We love hearing from our Relax Alumni.  Mario Giordano worked with Relax as a Delivery coordinator and recently launched MVG Fitness.  If you live in the area or are vacationing at the Jersey Shore,  definitely consider giving him a call!  I’ll be calling him to get back in shape after baby #2!


MVG Fitness

In home personal training gives you the flexibility you need during your hectic vacation time. Kids?  Let them sleep, that’s our specialty, you never have to leave the house!

strapping four kids in the car for daycare while you attempt a treadmill workout doesn’t quite sound appealing?. The good news is you WILL NOT miss your workout

Client specific*, MVG fitness provides in home personal training for both 1 on 1 & small group exercise. (Space permitting) (Outside & beach workouts available weather permitting)

What can I expect from in home personal training?
A personable, certified and experienced personal trainer will arrive at your location and provide you with the necessary guidance and expertise to further accomplish your fitness & wellness goals. Providing a client specific workout plan & equipped with total body fitness equipment, our goal is to cater to your individual needs.
Are there special benefits to in home training?
In home training allows you the flexibility of planning your exercise around your day. You pick the time and enjoy the privacy of your vacation home workout. Also, all workouts or flexibility/therapy sessions are client specific which means they are carefully designed to fit any needs you might have. Essentially, it’s all about YOU.
Are you sure you can meet my needs?
*MVG fitness means a certified personal trainer is capable of catering to your specific needs including but not limited to
-weight loss & muscle toning
-core conditioning
-body building
-Post physical therapy rehab
-Heart health and wellness
-Specific injuries modifications, (knee replacements, torn ligaments, post surgery etc.)
-Senior & Beginner
-EXPERTISE in flexibility and mobility
-Foam rolling
-Massage therapy via HYPERICE vibration technology.
*streching sessions available
And much more!
Mario G is a certified and experienced personal trainer and wellness coach in the south jersey area. With years of experience training a broad range of clients, mario’s versatility makes in home personal training accessible to almost anyone. Mario’s past training experiences include:
-ages 8-75+
-collegiate athlete training (sport specific)
-flexibility and stretching clientele
-body building
-extreme special conditions and/or limited movement capabilities

Staying a while? Ask about our “Summer at the shore” package pricing.

To schedule your in home personal training session today dial 609-204-9401  and leave your name and information.  Within 24 hours a personal trainer will be in touch to perform a basic assessment and schedule your meeting!
Still unsure? Call to speak with Mario personally and ask any questions you might have. Anytime!
Don’t let your weight loss plan suffer this vacation, maintain consistency and call today for pricing and availability!
5% of all personal training purchased will be donated to the M.S. Society in honor of Mario Vincent Giordano

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